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Towleroad Gay News
Mon Apr 19 09:07:25 2021 GMT

More than Half of US Adults Have Recieved At Least One COVID Vaccine Dose -CDC Reports. Other Half Will Be Harder.
covid vaccine  Published by Reuters   (Reuters) -Just more than half of U.S. adults have now received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose, data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed on Sunday, with nearly 130 million people aged 18 years or more having received their first shot. That figure makes up about […]
‘Wojnarowicz: F*** You F*ggot F**ker’ is, Duh, Big, Boldly Stylized and Defiantly Queer: DOCUMENTARY
Mars Helicopter To Attempt Massive NASA Milestone This Week — Controlled Extra-Planetary Flight
mars helicopter  Published by Reuters   By Steve Gorman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – NASA hopes to score a 21st-century Wright Brothers moment on Monday as it attempts to send a miniature helicopter buzzing over the surface of Mars in what would be the first powered, controlled flight of an aircraft on another planet. Landmark achievements in […]
Most Americans want to end lifetime Supreme Court appointments: poll
end supreme court lifetime  Published by Reuters   By Chris Kahn NEW YORK (Reuters) – A majority of Americans want to end lifetime appointments for U.S. Supreme Court justices, according to an Ipsos poll for Reuters, though less than half are in favor of other efforts to reform the judiciary. The national opinion poll, conducted on Thursday and […]
This Post By a Trans Health Pediatrician Will Leave You Knowing More Than Almost Every Lawmaker Pushing Trans Youth Laws in 28 States This Year
Transgender medicine uses a multidisciplinary approach to help trans youth live happier lives. Sudowoodo/iStock via Getty Images Plus When Charlie, a 10-year-old boy, came in for his first visit, he didn’t look at me or my colleague. Angry and crying, he insisted to us that he was cisgender – that he was a boy and […]
Black Panther II will film in Georgia
  Published by BANG Showbiz   ‘Black Panther II’ won’t move production from Georgia. Earlier this week, Antoine Fuqua and Will Smith chose to relocate their upcoming drama ‘Emancipation’ from the state due to a new restrictive voting law but Ryan Coogler has decided to continue to work in Georgia as “many of the people […]
UPDATES: Colton Underwood is Single; Gay Documentary for Netflix, Family, Are His Priorities ‘Rather Than Focus On A Relationship’; Cassie Speaks: DEEP LINKS
Coltong Underrwood is single gay  Published by BANG Showbiz   Colton Underwood has no immediate plans to date after coming out as gay. The former ‘Bachelor’ star recently opened up about his sexuality on ‘Good Morning America’ but even though he is now out and proud, Colton is single right now and has no plans to change this in […]
Kids Ask Lil Nas X About The Closet (Sort of); His ‘Diamond Record’, And His Nicki Minaj Costume; Plus a Response Video
Kids ask Lil Nas X all kinds of things when he appears on the long-running “Arts & Raps,” a Youtube channel that’s hosted play dates with musicians since 2017. They end up talking about all kinds of things, some more carefully than others – though at 22, Lil Nas isn’t many years older than the […]
Twitch streamer’s petition challenges Electronic Arts to add inclusive pronouns to The Sims 4
Sims 4A petition started by trans non-binary Twitch streamer Momo Misfortune is asking video game publisher Electronic Arts to add inclusive pronouns to its best-selling life simulation game The Sims 4. Through Change.org, the petition has garnered nearly 13,000 signatures of its 15,000 goal since its launch one month ago, but the push for inclusion dates […]
Falwell Sued. Liberty U wants $30 Mil For Pool-Boy Affair While President, ‘undermining moral standards’, ‘infidelity, immodesty…loose lifestyle’
Published by Reuters By Joshua Schneyer, Aram Roston and Jonathan Stempel (Reuters) -Liberty University has sued its former president Jerry Falwell Jr, a once influential figure among U.S. evangelical Christians, saying he undermined its moral standards by concealing his wife’s affair with a pool attendant who attempted to extort them. The complaint filed on Thursday […]
Get Into The Groove with a ‘Best Of Shep Pettibone’ Mega Mastermix from Peace Bisquit
DJ Bill Coleman, a Towleroad contributor who has worked with a who’s who’s of artists defining the last four decades (check out his bio) shares what he is calling his “pet pandemic project, “My 2020 thesis made with love. He’s remixed the attached mega-mastermix of the work by a man who literally defined “mastermixes” as […]
Report Makes Case for Biden’s Russia Sanctions;Trump Collusion Confirmed; Can’t Prove Bounties on Soldiers: WATCH Maddow
trump collusion confirmedMaddow calls it an “Easter Egg”, and it is at very least an extra bonus feature of Biden’s Sanctions, to verify two of the most obviously true and treasonous events of the last six years. –two events that we will continue to hear more about dramatic and further illegal extreme measures taken to cover up […]
Chris Crocker funding transition through $41K sale of ‘Leave Britney Alone’ video NFT
Chris CrockerChris Crocker, the creator of the viral “Leave Britney Alone” video, has sold the iconic piece of internet lore as an NFT partially to fund their transition. I’ve always been scared to do the baby steps very slowly … if I can’t afford the full [transition], my safety is really going to be a concern. […]
‘The Art of Starting Over’ Demi Lovato Peace Bisquit Mixtape — LISTEN
“Doesn’t matter, you’re a woman or a man. That’s the kind of lover I am,” Demi Lovato proclaims on the breezy confessional, redemptive new album, Dancing With The Devil…The Art of Starting Over.The 28 year old’s testament to perseverance is able to rely on Lovato’s strong voice and range. It’s more than enough to make us […]
Machine Gun Kelly to release unisex nail polish line
  Published by BANG Showbiz Machine Gun Kelly is set to release a unisex line of nail polish. The ‘my ex’s best friend’ rocker has announced his first foray into the beauty industry with his UN/DN collection for Unlisted Brand Lab. The firm’s founder and CEO Candy Harris said: “We’re honoured to be working with […]
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