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g0ys Most of the guys who stumble onto the g0ys (spelled w. a zer0) movement are looking for answers to some serious questions about themselves. Most are shocked when they learn that +60% of all guys have similar questions (the majority)! Most (but not all) of these guys have feelings for women, but also deal with internal issues arising from the fact that they also have affections for other guys, too! And, such guys don't identify as "GAY" at all! \n \n OTHER <no rank>
Man 2 Man Alliance Frot Men
Man 2 Man Alliance Frot Men Frot (rhymes with "hot") is the contemporary term for the male-male erotic practice formerly known as "frottage": full-body, phallus-on-phallus sex, done face-to-face and heart-to-heart. \n \nThe Man2Man Alliance is a coalition of Men -- some of whom self-identify as "gay," others as "straight," and others as "bi" -- but most of whom today have rejected those out-dated labels and now simply identify as Men -- Men who are determined to win recognition from society of the genuineness of their feelings for one another; and of the validity of the expression of that affection through Frot, phallus-on-phallus sex, which is not only life-affirming and masculine but mindful of both participants' shared and mutual enjoyment. OTHER <no rank>

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