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The online community for masculine men who prefer the company of other masculine men. Personal ads, chat, event calendar, community news, and regular guys!

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Gymboyrob Gymboyrob 60 London United Kingdom
studsonaz studsonaz 46 Phoenix Arizona
Dad10003 Dad10003 65 Houston Texas
Rockslide2 Rockslide2 59 Baton Rouge Louisiana
Collegeteacher Collegeteacher 63 Grand Rapids Michigan
Swat_Man Swat_Man 63 Downingtown Pennsylvania
boxershorts boxershorts 66 Los Angeles California
Topha742507 Topha742507 46 Waldoboro Maine
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toolz toolz 72 Acworth Georgia
ygmcb1 ygmcb1 59 Lady Lake Florida
fishflyfree2 fishflyfree2 43 Portland Oregon
ndrealspkg ndrealspkg 46 Wilmington Delaware
Joe4good Joe4good 61 Van Nuys California
Rockslide2 Rockslide2 59 Baton Rouge Louisiana
SIRE SIRE 73 Arlington Virginia
puikata puikata 35 Los Angeles California




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MASCGUYLI 5 days ago Long Island NY real spanker here.
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